Libman Soap Dispenser W/Brush

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Libman Soap Dispenser W/Brush
The Libman Gentle Touch Scrubber and Dish Brush is tough enough to wipe away the grime but gentle enough for your nice dishes and glassware. Fill the wand with your favorite soap and scrub those plates clean in a breeze. It is ideal for wine glasses, champagne flutes or special dishware. Don't worry about scratching your items when you use this gentle household cleaning tool. It is a handy tool for any kitchen sink and will help you clean faster. Make cleaning up after meal time a breeze when you use this brush. It will dispense soap evenly.

  • Add any dish soap you like for better cleaning, with a cellulose sponge that won't scratch dishes and a rubber button to dispense the soap
  • Integrated scrub brush with recycled PET, brush fibers to scrub off tough messes
  • Shaped to fit corners and the cap-free design eliminates leaks
  • 13" total wand height with a scrubbing surface of approximately 3"
  • Quality made in the USA since 1896

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